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In the process of removing my sunshade to attempt to reglue or replace the loose fabric, several parts of the sunroof mechanism came off. I got the sunshade out but hopefully not at great cost.

I now have several pieces to try and put back together. Seems like the easiest way to work on it given the difficulty of working on it from inside the car would be to remove the whole thing and put it all back together from the top.

Problem is, I can't find a good diagram and instructions for how to dissasemble and reassemble this for my model car.

Does anyone have any of this info?

The pieces that came loose are what I believe is called the water dam ( flat piece that has 2 hooks on either end) and one of the black metal pieces that the drivers side bellows attaches to. There is also a small black clip that I think goes on the front of the black piece.
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