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1997 S500 Parking Sensors

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My parking sensors don't work. When you turn them, you can hear a loud, long beep and you see 2 bars on the displays.
Last time it had 3 bad sensors where 2 of them were faulty and 1 of them showed a broken wire. Broken wire has been fixed and the 2 faulty sensors have been replace, however the sensors still don't work. When we used the Mercedes STAR system to read for any error codes, it didn't give any, like last time. The parking sensor was an optional extra, not an aftermarket version.
Any idea what might be the problem?
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Thank you very much for the reply. I'll try doing that. Like I mentioned the SDS didn't give any error codes unfortunately.
Just tried that method, but I cannot feel anything. Tried it with engine on and tried it with ignition on, but nothing. Tried pushing it gently and also tried pushing it moderately.
Any other ideas? I mean it should give an error code if something is not working properly, right? Is there a way to reset the parking sensors?
Thank you although I'm still surprised this isn't displayed in SDS. I'll try your idea and report back.
Okay so we've tried accessing the parking module in SDS and it said "not present" or something like that. Does that mean that probably my parking sensor module is faulty? Also any tutorials on how to get to the module? I know it's under the rear seats at the passenger side, but I have no idea how to access it.
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