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1997 E320 Vacuum Change over Valve

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I have a 1997 E320 with the inline 6. About a month ago the serpentine belt broke. I replace the belt but since then have been getting check engine light. I pulled the codes and have P1453, p1420, p0446, p1525, p0135 and p0141. After some troubleshooting I discovered that on the front of the engine I have a couple of bare wires that look like at some time they were plugged into what I have looked up and found to be called a vacuum change over valve. I think when the belt broke it yanked the plug off of the wires and unplugged it from the valve. I can probably figure out someway to make a plug to reconnect it but was wondering if something else was missing. The Valve only has one vacuum line going to it and it plugs into the top of the valve. Are there supposed to be more vacuum lines going to it are is that it? Could that vacuum change over valve be at the root of my other codes?
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