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93Sportline Sold, 1996 300D Dead, 1993 300SE sold, 85' 300d, 300sdl, 72 porsche 914-6, c230 in flame
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Very nice 4 owner car. Owned by a Dr, then GLB motor works owner, then owner of Mclaren motors. Body is great, interior is too, both 8.5 out of 10

Dash is cracked-but any MB over 7-10 years has a cracked dash

new tires
power steering pump/ rack seals
glow plugs
fluids and filters/bulbs/belts

35 mpg

the only thing it needs is the lcd readout to be re-crystalized-i may have another one to swap out-if i cannot get one in time i will take $150 off price of car(the lcd reout is what displays milage, status of engine ect

No check engint lights, it throws two codes-EGR-which since there are no emissions this is disconnected for better performance, and brake sensor-these were not replaced when brakes where done, as they do nothing but put money in MB's pocket

silver, gray MB interior

all power
both keys

just passed inspection

value is probably closer to 5500-will take best offer, as i just bought A S class diesel

i looked for 6 months before i bought this car--needs nothing buf fuel

1996 Mercedes E300 Diesel-veru nice
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