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1996 Merecedes Benz Sprinter Motorhome 2.3 Diesel
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Hi guys, my 2.3 Sprinter shredded it's drive belt when the auxiliary battery moved and fell against the drive belt while I was driving.
When I stopped there was nothing left of the belt and I have now purchased a new one from my local MB dealer.
The problem is I can't work out which way round the belt fits and the workshop manual I have suggests that there are only a 2.2 diesel engine and 2.9 diesel, the diagrams in the workshop manual for the fitting of the belt differ from my engine.
On the 2.2 engine it appears to have 5 pulleys and 2 idler gears, on the 2.9 engine it appears to have 4 pulleys and 2 idler gears, however, on my engine it has 4 pulleys and 1 idler gear.
I would be grateful if someone could post a diagram of the belt, pulleys and idler gears please
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