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1996 E320 check engine elctronics P0411 P0400

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Hi everyone..
I have been reading the forums and they have helped me alot Thanks for that help.
The car runs great I can't get the Check Engine light off. These things I have checked The EGR the tube is clear into the manifold and it opens and closes fine with the vacuum.
The air injection pump works when the car is cold on the first start of the day The shot off valve I removed and checked it and it opens with vacuum not very much not sure how much it should open and it gets vacuum when the pump is on.
I checked all the vacuum lines and worn or bad looking lines and fixed them.
I checked all this and cleared all the codes and did a nice long drive and the check
Engine light came on
What can I check to fix this problem
Thanks for any HELP
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Thanks so what dose the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction do can I fixit by cleaning the tube Thanks
I have fixed this problem by replaceing the vacuume lines and cleaning the Secondary Air Injection System valve Now the car passed smog and the engine light is off
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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