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I just purchased a 1996 E300D, it has so many problems. 1) when I turn the A/C 3 out of 4 vents blows hot air, there is only one vent that blows cold air.
2)Sometimes the car accelerator does not response, I have to release the accelerator and press again and then accelerates with no problem however happens every now and then. 3)code P0380 shows when I run the scanner, according with the code it might be the glow plugs but starts easy.
4) It lacks power at take off, also is very slow, I have a 1987 300 Turbo Diesel, even being that old and 375,000 on it, the car has a lot of juice, maybe because it is turbo, but I can believe that a newer car could be that slow, I open the flap that goes on the cross arm holding it with a wire but still is slow.
any hints will be appreciated, I know that is an old car but would like to fix it unless it is normal for those cars to be so slow.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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