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1996 350 td cracked head twice

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1996 mb 350 turbo diselwith 100 k<br> started smoking white diognosed with cracked head had new 1 installed and year latter same problem it started to run worm and than smoke and cracked head again New head on again but car is starting to ru worm again .Took it to dealer no problem found ,also some other gagages tried to fix it with no results ,This is all happening in Croatia but i`m looking 4 help I live in canada and if anybody has an answer PLEASE contact me THANK U DAN
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Unfortunately it sounds to me like a typical MB (OM6series) engine design flaw. Ever since straying from the 617 series engines the all aluminum diesel engines have been problematic. Nothing new here Dan sorry about being so direct, but I it is typical. IMO - Cut your losses and sell it.
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