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1995 S600 1995 Towncar
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Hello to all I have a Wire Harness up for grabs It came of my 95 S600 It is for REPAIR ONLY it still worked on my car the only bad thing is that the wires leading to Temp Sensor did not work so well it is missing the outer black shell that protects the pins and this lead to my fans always being on. All connections to Injectors are fine It never gave me a Check Engine light it didnt hesitate at all like I said the only bad thing was the wires leading to temp sensor which kept fans on also might be missing some of the silver clamps that hold it on to the Injectors if you have ur harness all you need to do is swap them . And well your basic wear, other than that harness works fine If you know your Ins and Outs on harness It would be a great repair and could resell for more or use in your car .

If anybody Is Interested let me know Open to any reasonable Offers.
Will try to post pics ASAP if I can get them on here :thumbsup:
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