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1996 W140 S600 Sedan
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Hi I have a 1995 S600 that I’ve owned for six years that has only been driven about 20 times since I’ve owned it so it dies out a lot. When I bought the car I bought two new headlight housings and the HID glass and bought a 8000k kit for the low beams.

Last year when I charged the car and took it for a ride at night I turned on the headlights which started humming for the first time since I’ve done the conversion so I let it go thinking it might go away next time thinking the battery was not fully charged and the lights were taking to much energy.

So I took out the car tonight since last year and again I turn on the headlights and a very loud humming coming from the engine compartment on the passenger side and it’s not the HID ballasts either has anybody had this problem is it a power issue from the HIDs drawing to much current even if the battery is now fully charged and it was fine before, is it a normal issue that happens with w140 headlights even non HID? I have no idea of what it could be its extremely loud and only when I turn on the headlights and besides the car dieing out I can’t see something changing since the car has not been driven.
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