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I recently replaced the transmission overload switch as it was leaking through a small port hole in the switch. When i pulled the switch out the B1 brake band Thrust element or Thrush bearing element came out with it. there is a small thrust pin attached to the end of the element that is secured to the element by a round plastic clip. The clip fell apart in peices. I had to order a new plastic clip and 2 rubber O rings. As we were at a freinds house and I could not get the pin back in we re-inserted the elemnet with out the pin. The car drove ok accept that I had to pull my foot of the gas pedal in order for it to shift out of 1st gear.
I got a new clip. Put the pin back in and reinserted the thrust element agian.
It was hard going in and I thought I heard a crush or snap as it was being pushed in with Overload switch. I pulled it back out and the pin was still attached, so I inserted it again. I have no fluid leaks but the car now again revs very high and then you let up on the gas and it will shift.
Any clue to what the problem and remedie are?
Did I damage the pistin on the ather side of the B1 Band.
I failed to check the spring in the Thrust element to see if I broke it but it looked like a pretty heavy spring.
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