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Phillips Head Screws:

#1 Holds the plastic frame around the door latch.

#2 Is found in the valley (under a pop out tab) of the padded arm rest. (Visible when standing and looking down into the armrest valley.

10mm Hex head Bolts:

You must first remove the wooden panel & power seat switch assembly from the door.

This is very tricky as there are two tabs on the leftside (while facing the door) of this wooden panel that must be pushed/slid-up to unlatch them with a very small flat head screw driver.

DO NOT attempt to pry out this panel as the wood can easily be flaked off at the edge.

Once the tabs have been rotated out of the way; gently use the small, flat head screwdriver to slowly pull out the leftside of the panel.

#1 10mm Hex Head is clearly visible behind the panel.

#2 10mm Hex Head is on the underside at the top of the handle grip on the arm rest. So you must look "up" to see it.

Triangular Shaped, Vinyl Covered Panel, on the top, rightside, of the door and butting against the door panel

This must be removed and is held in place by 3 point of contact. So, 1 incho down from the " top point" on this trinagular shaped panel, gently pry it away.

Once released, then pull up on this small panel to remove it.

Plastic Clips (Surrounding the outer rim of the panel (about 10 of them).

These are made of plastic in two mating parts. One part is "supposed" to stay in the metal door while the the other piece removes with the door panel.

Use a very flat piece of plastic, metal feeler gauge, or any other rigid but very flat and reltively thin i width to locate the point at which the plastic tab is located.

Once loctaed, it's Best to work with two flat head screwdrivers placed side-by-side on each side of the plastic clip and then pull the screw drivers towards you. They may or may not snap and/or the entire clip may come with the panel. (depends on age of clips and technique).

Once all of the tabs are released, then pull up (rather than push up) on the panel until it releases from the top of the rubber door trim. It's best to work from one end of the panel to release it.

You now must dislodge the door latch wire by pushing it from the underside to remove it from the plastic clip. Then you must remove the plastic clip holding the wire housing by gently prying it from the plastic frame that holds it.

Now you must unplug the courtesy light.

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I'm trying to follow this with my car and it's not working since some steps are missing. On step #2, I remove a little flip tab down inside the hand hold and a screw is there. This is not in the video and it just shows that whole piece removed. How do I remove the padded arm rest so I can see it like in the video? Mine also has recline controls on the wooden part. I slide a knife up like it shows and felt 2 tabs flip up, but I can't get it out after that. I may need the padded arm rest out first. Any clue how to properly get the arm rest off after the one covered screw is removed?
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