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1995 Remote Locking/Unlocking Problem

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both remotes work, locking/unlocking the trunk and passenger door but not drivers door.

i've tried the procedure in the om of aiming/clicking at the door and within 80 secs turn key to position 2 but it still doesn't work.

where to start looking.:cool:

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If you garage is like mine, I have it lit with enough fluorescent lights to double as an operating room, the IR remote will not function due to the interference from the lights. They are at or near the same wavelength as the IR signal. Don't go on a wild goose chase like I did when I first bought my 95SL thinking there was something wrong with the remote or the IR sensors. Once I searched for this issue on this forum my frustration stopped when I found the comments I discussed above. Read every post you can and you will quickly learn every little nuance of these vehicles. Good luck....
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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