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1995 e320 w124 rear speaker issues.....

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hello all you
ok, I have a 1995 e320, with the 810 (active bass) sound system...BUT, my head unit was changed (I boought it like that)it is a kenwood in dash cd player, 4 x 45 unit.
one of my rear speakers is blown, nothing coming out of there..
so, I was wondering if I could buy these

and if they would improve or screw up my sound...
my rear speakers are stock 9they have big green stickers that say 2 ohms and made in germany, with a part number that I could not read...
that is the weird thing, I read that the rear stock speakers are usually 4 ohms.....
thank you for the help and suggestions...

I also have bought a 12 momo polk audio sub , and a friend is giving me a 2 channel amp to run it but I am really not sure if I want to mess with running wires get more bass...what do you guys think?
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When replacing speakers in my car the main problem i had was finding speakers to fit the housings.
When doing the dash ones most would not fit due to the size of the magnet.They were all too big and the covers would not fit flush.I also had the same problem in the rear of the car as i did not want to cut holes in rear parcel shelf.
My advice is find speakers that fit first and then buy the best of that size.
Then fit the amp and subs as i have you wont be dissappointed.
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