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Hi all, After work today, the first thing my wife says to me is "There's something wrong with the car". I answer back, "Nice to see you too" :)

First thing I notice is the louder than usual engine idle. Next I notice that the front passenger tire is flat. So I get the compressor out and pump the tire up. Check under the hood and notice stronger than usual vibration of the engine. All the fluids are OK. Get behind the wheel and put it in drive and the rattling drops way down. As soon as the vehicle is put in motion the rattling and vibration is totally unnoticeable. Take it for a spin and it drives fine. After parking it a few hours, come back out and check and the tire pressure has dropped way down again.

According to her she did hit a large pothole yesterday, but she's driven it quite a bit since then, and only suddenly noticed the issue this evening... Any thoughts? Does the knocking have anything to do with the flat tire or is that just an odd coincidence? Thanks!
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