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1995 E320 Buying Guide

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Hi all. I'm looking at a '95 E320 tomorrow morning. Anyone have particular problem areas I should be looking at? What a reasonable price for a '95 with 124K miles? Supposedly no accidents.

I'm not good with forums, and couldn't figure out how to do a search.

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The 124 forum is better, but I had a '94 for years. Great car.

Make sure the engine wiring harness has been replaced. MBZ used biodegradeable wiring and overdid it on the chemicals. When the wires were 8 years old -- they looked 80 years old. Every one of the 91 to 95's needed it.

Check to see if the head gasket was ever replaced - that's fairly common.

There is a radiator upgrade with a reinforced neck. Everything else is real standard stuff -- the oil changes, the disks (like u-joints) the motor mounts.

Great brakes. They have 4-piston calibers. It'll leave you hanging in the straps.

All in all a real fun car -- but it needs to have been cared for -- so insist on comprehensive records and get it checked out by someone who knows his W124's

Good Luck...
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I should also mention that I'm not sure if it's a w124 or w210. ANy opinions on which is more reliable? THanks Mike for your reply.
If it has square headlights, then it is a W124. Round headlights, then a W210.

W124 was built during the times when MB didn't really care about costs and just built the car. W210 built more to a price.

W210 is newer, so they are more expensive and usually have more options that the W124 cars never had.

Either way you can't go wrong. If I ever need a second car, it is going to be a W124 as there are so many to choose from.
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