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1995 E320 A/C manifold replacement.

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After an a/c line burst, here is my previous post for reference I was finally able to get the right part, now how would I go about replacing this? here is a picture of the whole part Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet The top right cylinder is a fuel cooler. so in order to do this I should just relieve the fuel pressure replace the part and then vacuum and ad the refrigerant? should I use teflon tape on any of the threads? Is it necessary to replace the receiver drier as well?If so Where is it located?
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You would need to replace the drier which the black bottle looking part near the driver side headlight.

No teflon tapes just new O rings. You'd then need to pull a vacuum that should hold for at least half an hour.

I'd suggest having a pro refill it with PAG oil and refrigerant as the quantity needs to be precise.

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