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1995 c280 abs sensor locations?

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Hi I just got a 1995 c280. Abs light is on and speedometer isn't working everything I've read indicates a sensor. I have no idea where to look for these sensors on my car and what I've found online has not been helpful. I am heading to a scrapyard to pull a few parts today and would love to add these sensors to the list (hoping to avoid buying new) but not knowing where to find them or what I'll need to remove them is becoming a frustrating problem. Can anyone help with This? Pictures would be great but even just verbal instructions regarding where to find them and how to remove them would be ever so lovely. Digitized copies of appropriate pages from the service manual would be amazing. I've never owned a German car and I only dabble at working on vehicles as it is so I'm pretty lost currently. However I really do want to do this myself!
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the front sensors are mounted into the back of steering knuckle, protruding into the spindle. The rear ABS sensor will either be mounted into the differential, or will have the same setup as the front, depending on whether ESP is equipped or not.

Just look for wires going into the steering knuckle. There are only 2, one goes to the brake pad (brake pad wear indicator, only on front brakes), the other is the ABS sensor (also called wheel speed sensor).
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