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Hi, Any ideas how to disassemble rare bumper for s 320 1994?
(How rare is this bumper? A one-off with pink and yellow stripes?)

Joke aside, the rear bumper, if I remember correctly is fastened with 4 bolts accesible
from the inside of the trunk. You have to remove some carpests to get to this.
All bolts goes backwards. When removed, the bumper just slides off in backwards
motion. On the sides, theres brackets that the bumper slides on and off.

There might be some wires to unclip as well, but since you do not have parking sensors, I
think that it would only be a radio antenna to watch out for.

You can see the bolts, two on each side in a over/under configuration here;

If it was disassemble of the bumber itself, you also see some blues in the page above.

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