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1994 hard top release problem

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can anyone help me i have a 94 sl280 i have had it for a while an asked a while back how to get roof to work did whwt i was told now here is the prob the hard top will not release from the back end of the car i have manually released the fron with the alan keys but when i pull the red button back it will not release the roof just comes up a touch then tightens again is there any way to take the hard top off manually or any help you could give would be helpfull
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chezy32, there is a special tool and instruction in the owner's manual for unlocking the Top latches. If you don't have the manual, you can download one from the 'sticky' above in this Forum. The tool should be in your tool kit.

If everything fails, you can access the rear latches from the trunk by removing the carpeted panels.
By the way, if your hydraulic fluid in the tank is not at full, then you have a leak somewhere (or had one some time ago, but if the old leak had been fixed, then the tank should have been topped up also). So low fluid is not good news.

Like Lynn says : it is a good idea to operate the soft top with the engine running (to give the pump/motor more juice).
I also had no problem stopping the top operation in mid-cycle to inspect the cylinders for leaks, then resume to complete the cycle. (NOTE : I did not stop mid-way and then reverse the cycle, just resume to complete the cycle).
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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