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1994 e420 wiper doesn't return home, rest, park

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I call it the einviper.... But anyway when I turn the wipers off the arm swings back left but stops with about 6 inches to go. IT will not go all the way home under the bonnet where it belongs. As such I have failed my annual inspection :(

I've read a few articles out there on it but can't come up with anything conclusive. Some folks talked about cleaning contacts on a very expensive relay but they fail to mention where that relay is. Any thoughts on how I should proceed?

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Refer to this write up I created- (Register to see the pictures)

I suspect your issue is a centre nut has came lose and the wiper has lost its park position.

This will require removing the wiper & re-setting as I describe. Relubing with synthetic grease is highly recommended.
Guys- refer to the thread I linked to. Everything is explained in detail in there. Including compatibility (Late arm into early wiper Mech IS compatible)
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