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1994 e420 wiper doesn't return home, rest, park

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I call it the einviper.... But anyway when I turn the wipers off the arm swings back left but stops with about 6 inches to go. IT will not go all the way home under the bonnet where it belongs. As such I have failed my annual inspection :(

I've read a few articles out there on it but can't come up with anything conclusive. Some folks talked about cleaning contacts on a very expensive relay but they fail to mention where that relay is. Any thoughts on how I should proceed?

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I would spend some quality time with youtube videos and online writeups of how this mechanism functions, then look carefully at yours for differences in what you've learned.. I'm guessing some tooth is off somewhere, or maybe the adjustment of the park position slipped.

Does the wiper go too far at the other end of its stroke?
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