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I'm selling my 94 E320 Wagon, It's a black with Grey rockers two tone (see pics) with Grey interior, It has 181,408 miles. I bought this car in PA With a blown head Gasket, I had it replaced, and I started to work on it, Some things I replaced:

Entire upper harness.

Throttle Actuator

Mass Air Flow sensor

Head gasket

Center Console wood

Passenger Side mirror

Mirror control Switch
That being said, There's still some things to do, There's some issues that still need to be worked out Electronically IE Grounds and some other things,
There's a couple interior things that could be done as well, the rear door cards need replacement, and speakers. I got it this way. It was on my list of things to do... but never got done the radio is gone, some owner had spliced in some POS radio which I removed, The original Becker Harness is there and from what I've seen still functional (sans rear door speakers) I've not had the time to find the becker radio that should go with it but I know the front speakers work (tested them) The Amp is still in the back. The antenna needs to be replaced Due to a Previous Owners "Creative" Fix It works if you stick the Whip in the holder but it gets annoying having to pick up new ones all the time as the ones placed in there blow out or otherwise fall out going down the road.

there's a couple spots of rust, one on a lower light Valance and a spot on the rear door, I looked at the jack points etc and did not notice any rust there, the car is solid.

Overall this car can be great if someone went through it, and fixed minor things here and there, The engine starts right up, Transmission shifts nice and smooth, the HOA Wants this car gone, Worked on it too long it seems. I would really like to get 2,000.00 for it, I may be unrealistic with my price, Feel free to make an offer. The Car is located in Tallahassee FL


1994 E320 Wagon Pictures
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