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1994 E320 Sedan
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Hello --

This is a strange issue and I'm really scratching my head on it:

When it's cold (<40 degrees), my 1994 E320 starts and runs fine. I do notice that the engine roars (up to 2500 rpm) upon firing up but then settles immediately.

However, when it's warmer (>50 degrees), it starts but seems to be missing on a cylinder. Lumpy. The missing goes away after a few minutes of driving.

What I've done:
My indie shop can reproduce it and said it was a fuel-injector issue and recommended techron. I've run fuel-injector cleaner for a good 6 months last summer and I think I thought the problem went away, but now I believe that it was going away because it was getting colder and colder outside.

Any suggestions?
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