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I am a new member and need advise surrounding my transmission.

My check engine light came on so I took the car in. The shop told me I needed a new transmission kickdown cable so I had them replace it. BTW - the transmission was shifting very nicely before and during driving with the check engine light.

Ever since I got the car back the transmission is shifting terrible. The shift points are all off (it is holding gears until 3-4k rpm). To make matters worst when you go between D'drive' and R 'reverse' it engages HARD. Never did that before.

I have taken the car back to the shop and they adjusted the kickdown cable a bit, but within several short drives the issue is back.

Please advise with any suggestions or ideas on how to get me car back to the way it was (driving perfectly). If I would have known this I would have just continued to drive with the light on and done nothing.
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