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Hi everyone

I have an automatic C180 1994 and about 1 weeks ago, I notice a low 'wrrrrrrr' noice when I shift into R. It sounds like someone putting a stick into a bicycle wheel as it is turning. The low 'wrrrrrr' noice only come on when I press the accelerate and its gets louder when i go faster.

Yesterday, when i was backing it out of my garage, I notice that when I shift into R, I can't feel the gear engaging. As I press the accelerator, nothing happens, the engine just revs.

All the forward moving gears are fine. I can drive the car moving forward but it has no reverse!. I also notice that if I put into R (with foot off the pedals), the car very moves slowly in reverse, but when i press the accelerator it does nothing, just high revving.

I told the symptom to a mechanic and he said that most likely the 'reversing disk set' are worn out and 'pressure springs'.

He said its quite common in the w202 classes for the 'disk' to wear off and he recommends a rebuild transmission.

Anyone out there have the similar problem??. Could it be something else or do I need a rebuild?...I think its going to hurt the wallet.. :confused:
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