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1993 T-chain rattle even after changing

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I have a problem with a 1993 SL500.

At 138,000 miles.The timing chain started to rattle when the car is left overnight, most of the times it just the first start in the morning. and it only persists for less than 2 seconds.

So I got it changed with the correct new Iwes timing chain, new tensioner , new upper guides (4) and fresh oil.

But after a few days, it started to rattle again !!
Anyone encoutered a similar problems ? any soloutions ?

I heard of the old oil filter valve problem, and that replacing it would solve this. But I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance
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I would have to GUESS that its NOT your timimg chain. The early engines had some sort of seal that fails in the cam or follower area. The results are just as you have described. If you do a SEARCH on "engine noise" you should be able to find it.
OK, Not to be SMUGG, Take it back to the person that DIDN"T fix it the first time, and have them TRY again!!!! If they replaced all those parts, the noise shouldn't have come back so quickly. Good Luck!! Let us know what the problem was when you get it repaired.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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