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1993 300E not starting

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Posted yesterday about sputtering and not running even - now since I've ~worked~ on it it won't even spark.
If the fuel relay is not working would that cause it not to get fire from the spark plug? The more I work on it the worse it gets. It ran yesterday!! Read all posts over last several years concerning the same-ish problems and got lots of ideas - tried them - now no spark.


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OK - it started all at once yesterday - bosch plugs - it's not the plugs - it's not getting fire to the plugs and before that the fuel pump stopped working. New car to me but have all the records and was always taken to mb dealer and many $ spent on it over the years prvious owner had car. Ran great for me til yesterday. Appreciate all help...


145,000 miles
No humming from fuel pump...
Picking up a fuel relay - just trying anything - getting very frustrated......

No juice to fuel pump, no juice to spark plugs - turns over fine - replaced fuel pump relay. Fuel pumps ARE GOOD. No juice going to them.....

Also - what are all the breakers, ie; relays behind the fuse box?

All for 1993 300E-

And again, Thank You Very Much!!!!!

1993 300E

OVP fuse is not blown - no fuel and no fire - Could it be a crank shaft sensor? I am keeping battery charged.

All fuses check ok - turns over fine - fuel pump not getting juice but works - bosch plugs ok just no spark to them.


300E 93 - non starting - non sparking - tried most everything.

Where is the crank shaft sensor located and how do you get to it? Above or from under?

Thanks again!!

No - to the aftermarket alarm but there is aftermarket stereo system. Car does turn over - just no fire and no gas.

300E - 93

1 - 8 of 13 Posts
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