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1993 300E not starting

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Posted yesterday about sputtering and not running even - now since I've ~worked~ on it it won't even spark.
If the fuel relay is not working would that cause it not to get fire from the spark plug? The more I work on it the worse it gets. It ran yesterday!! Read all posts over last several years concerning the same-ish problems and got lots of ideas - tried them - now no spark.


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So you verified that you are not getting spark to the plugs or fuel getting delivered? How did you do this? Can you hear the humm of the fuel pump(s) when key on IGN (not starting)?
Did you check the fuse in the OVP relay? Just a simple idea to cross off the list. And please, keep the list of things you've tried on each posts so that we can keep track of your attempts! It's usually something very simple and since you did a simple tune up, I bet something got disturbed or unplugged during the process.

Oh, don't forget to put the battery on the charger so that it stays fresh through all the engine cranking sessions.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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