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1993 300E not starting

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Posted yesterday about sputtering and not running even - now since I've ~worked~ on it it won't even spark.
If the fuel relay is not working would that cause it not to get fire from the spark plug? The more I work on it the worse it gets. It ran yesterday!! Read all posts over last several years concerning the same-ish problems and got lots of ideas - tried them - now no spark.


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Is the coil okay? As far as spark goes the crank sensor on the bell housing is an easy test and replace. Use your digital multimeter to check reading (resistance?) at ezl end. it should be upwards of 650 minimum to about 1100 for a new one. Mine went and it took 10 minutes to replace with a used one from a 4cyl. No fuel at pumps is odd. You sure? Whatever test you did do it again with the cap off. Are they not humming with ignition on?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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