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1993 300E 2.8 (sold), 2012 C250 (wife's), 2004 C230 (sold), 2005 E320 (sister-in-law's)
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Dear all, thanks for helping out with these questions in advance. and Happy Thanksgiving!!

My mother's 93 300E still has original radio/speaker in her car, and the sound quality is really poor (a lot of hissing noise, etc.). So I'm thinking about replacing the radio/receiver for her. However, I was not sure whether the culprit of those background noise was due to poor radio/receiver, or due to poor/old speakers? I did a quick experiment by connecting my iPod (using wireless connection of iTrip) to the 300E, and the sound is still really crapy (compare to my own car). Couple of quick questions:

  1. Based on this experiment, is it safe to say that by replacing the radio/receiver, the sound quality is NOT going to improve? Or it would still improve in some way (as the factory radio/receiver is really old?)
  2. Is it safe to say that for this model/year of Mercedes, replacing the speakers would be a higher priority and smarter investment than replacing the radio/receiver to get better sound quality? Thoughts or comments?
  3. If I have to replace the speakers, would this sound like a possible DIY project? Anyone tried to replace the speakers in your car by yourself? Is it hard? What size of speakers should I buy?
  4. Have anyone tried to replace the radio/receiver of this year/model of Mercedes by yourself? On website, for the "installation details" it mentioned that for this car, it will have to:

    » Bypass your factory amp by running new speaker wires from the stereo to the output side of your factory amp.

    » You will need to route an antenna extension cable from the receiver to the factory antenna in the right rear of the vehicle.

    » The factory tuner/amp module is located in the right rear corner of the trunk.

    Are these something that I have to worry about in advance?
  5. Any other thoughts or comments about the audio system in this car?
As this car is really old and we don't really know how long we will keep it, so we are trying to minimize all kind of upgrade/repair cost on this car. Thanks!
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