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1992 e55 or 2000+ e55

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Just can't decide which to get - classic 500e and limited production and great build quality but older everything, or 2000+ e55 with more creature comforts and performance, but no collectibility aspect..

Your thoughts - what would you pick and why?

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If you are a earnest enthusiast, then it depends on finding the specific car, regardless of whihc series you would choose.

The 500E is certainly more a purist's car, and finding a GREAT one (we all know they are still out there) will require a patience and a ongoing multi-level search.

Collectibility in MB's from the '80's thru '90's in the today's enthusuaists market is dependent on two main factors: a) finding the right low mileage example, and keeping it low mileage AND a car with a celebrity/exotic ownership/pedigree.

If you want to have fun driving the car; then the availability of the W210 E55's, at todays market values is very-very-very hard to beat. Sure the 2000+ has Selectronic, but with '99's hitting $10K range hard to say no if you want to buy a sedan you enjoy driving everyday and have fun with it for another 100K miles.

Keep the beat !
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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