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1992 e55 or 2000+ e55

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Just can't decide which to get - classic 500e and limited production and great build quality but older everything, or 2000+ e55 with more creature comforts and performance, but no collectibility aspect..

Your thoughts - what would you pick and why?

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isnt 500E production number is around the same as the W210 E55? something like 11000 W124 500E/E500 produced and around 12000 W210 E55? but I know for some reason 500E is a much more rare car although is not much less procuded then W210 E55.....and it really need a lot of time to search for a decent 500E........but E55 nowadays easy to find still and a lot of car for the a hard choice lol
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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