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1991 500SL
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Hey all,

I realize most of the R129s on here are SL500s with the updated 5-speed automatic, and pretty much all of the gearbox threads I've seen involve later models. Ours is a 1991 (4-speed), with the equivalent of just over 43,000 miles on it (70,100 km).

Lately I've noticed random squeaks during harder shifts on a cold engine/gearbox and that's why I was wondering if it's time for a fluid change.

What specification of fluid should be used for the 4-speed, and are there any other specific issues to keep in mind? At this mileage and age, would it also be a good idea to service the rear differential?

Thanks, looking forward to the replies.


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Damn, nobody? :(
My friend,
I did see your post, you are in Poland....

I only know USA available fluids.
Any good Dexron III/General Motors fluid that you can find.
There patent has expired so any GM before 2005 will do just fine.
I hope that this helps you.

Look in the stickies for the MB list of approved fluids.

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