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1991 300 CE-24 NEEDS A LOCATION...!

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Own the W124. 1991 CE-24----Coupe---2 door.

Gas gauge/needle wiggles...
Bought new MB p/n 1245420004-fuel sending unit.
Searched the files for the exact location
of the fuel sending unit, but no joy.

Where, exactly is it...? (I know it is in the gas tank..)
How to get to it to remove & replace...?

Remember, it is a 2 door, with small rear seat area.

Many tks ....

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From the service manual illustrations, it appears that for a coupe you gain access by removing the back seat: 47-7000D Removing and installing fuel gauge sending unit. I found this in the on-line Model 124 Maintenance Manual. While there, I also found a user's write-up on Fuel Tank Gauge Sender Removal & Installation. The factory manual says to replace the O-ring with new.

Looking at the 1245420004 sender, I wonder if it will be a direct fit. The geometry seems to indicate it's for a sedan, not a coupe--see 47-7000 Removing and installing fuel gauge sending unit. A phone call to a dealer's parts counter or good on-line parts supplier should clear this up.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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