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1991 300 CE-24 NEEDS A LOCATION...!

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Own the W124. 1991 CE-24----Coupe---2 door.

Gas gauge/needle wiggles...
Bought new MB p/n 1245420004-fuel sending unit.
Searched the files for the exact location
of the fuel sending unit, but no joy.

Where, exactly is it...? (I know it is in the gas tank..)
How to get to it to remove & replace...?

Remember, it is a 2 door, with small rear seat area.

Many tks ....

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Thank you...

To 'pull' the trunk liner....
Up or out ....
Are there any fasteners or clips...?
Does it simply slide....?

The car is not immediately available, but will
be Sunday afternoon.

The new part does not show a gasket. Will a new one
be needed...? Nothing was noted on the part list that a new gasket
was needed/used...!

Again, thank you.

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Hooray........Joy in the camp....!

Inspected the trunk area: W124051-91 300 CE-24. Coupe. 2 Door.

The liner on the back of the rear seatback is held
to the top of the trunk area by two metal prongs.
Push the liner from under the prongs and pull liner out
or toward self, and the gas tank top is exposed.
The sender unit is in the center and is recessed.

Easy access....

However, if you don't know this technique/tip
you'll send lots of time, and energy wrestling the back
seats and other stuff.

The part will arrive this week and it seems as if the
R & R is a simple one....Maybe 20 minutes.

Major key for this task:

Clear, exact, info/data/parts and application for the job.
If confused, or puzzled, ask for help.

This task applies to my 91 300CE-24. Coupe.
It may not apply to other W124 300CE models.

When task is done, I'll inform this thread.
But it seems as if 80% of the job is done, which
was to find the exact location and how to get to it....:)

Once again, Many tks to all.:bowdown:

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The news is good.......!

With the exact location, and the correct part and
a very large socket/handle. The R & R was an easy
20 minute task.

The old fuel sending unit had come apart, after 19 years.
Installed new one and, voila, back to normal with no
wiggles, and accurate gas level readings.

Many tks to all.
And to all, have a Merry Ride.

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