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I have a 1991 190e with a 2.6L, 6 cyl, prior to this past week the car would run ok, not great, just ok, this motor I pulled it from a 1989 190e, it did not use oil prior to being pulled out, after the install it would use about a quart every month. i'm not sure that is relavent.

I do have spark, and the two fuel pumps are working, I have not been able to check the fuel preasure, but when I pulled the plugs and cleaned and gapped them to .32, then tried to start it, it will cranck but will not start, the plugs are black when I pulled them.
I have found the OBD round plug under the hood, but I dont have a scan tool, I was told I could jump it with a paper clip on two of the termanels then a light on the dash would flash, but I dont now which termanels, and then I dont know what the code would be any way.
Also I have replaced the cap and rotor, and checked that the spark plug wires are installed correctly.
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