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1990 300e

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Ignition switch locked up. Any suggestions other than a $800 drill out of the ingnition switch?

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If the key just won't turn make sure you take the load off the steering wheel lock mechanism by moving the wheel slightly in the direction that it moves most. Then try pushing the lock and key in the direction of the engine compartment and jiggle it up and down while trying to return it to the full off position. If you get it out, spray dry graphite into the lock and move the key in and out a few times. The lock may start working again but you must immediately follow the suggestion above and order the new tumbler and key that is correct for your VIN. It should cost $80 -$100 at the dealer but it will be the right key for the car. Then you need to follow the instructions in the archives for removing the tumbler and installing the new one. If you are used to DIY work it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes once you make the simple tool you will need. DON'T WAIT TO REPLACE THE TUMBLER. CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY IF YOU GET THE LOCK MECHANISM TO WORK AGAIN - IT WILL BE ONLY FOR A SHORT WHILE. IF YOU HAVE TO DRILL/CHISEL THE OLD ASSEMBLY OUT, YOU ARE SCREWED.
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