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1990 Mercedes 300e
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Hi there, I bought a 1990 Mercedes 300e a couple of months ago for £900 and overall I dont think I did too badly. It's got just over 110k on it and im it's third owner. Besides a sqeaking front disc and a couple of body work issues the main problems i'm having with it is that it's quite hard to start, has a rough idle and it's prone to heating to over 100 degrees.

With regards to the idle i've changed the spark plugs, leads, engine oil, oil filter and air filter but this hasnt helped much. I'm linking to a video which somewhat shows what is happening. After a peroid of okay idling it drops as if its being bogged down by something then rises back up to the revs of before. This is when the engine is up to temperature, the idle no where near as bad when it is cold. The oil pressue level moves around between 1 and 2 at idle also.

I havent looked much into the overheating issue, however the foam on the underside of the bonnet has flaked away so I presume it has been an issue for a while. If the coolant warning light isn't on it will come on under acceleration.

The car is a lot easier to start when it is cold, any advice on what I should look at would be much appreciated.

Mercedes 300e Hard start, rough idle and overheating - YouTube
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