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1990 300E 2.6L 144K
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Hello all,

I reset all CEL codes about a month ago. These are what remain. I have tried searching for solutions to these codes but had little luck (with EGR being an exception). If anyone has any suggestions of where things are amiss or what I should surely replace that would be great. It should be noted that a Bosch O2 sensor was installed not more than 6 months ago.

Socket 3-
Code 16: EGR (Does this mean unit needs to be replaced as well as tube cleaning?)
Code 17: Oxygen Sensor is shorted to positive or ground

Socket 14-
Code 3: TN/TD signal (RPM) interrupted (???)
Code 4: Output for O2 sensor heater control defective
Code 5: Output for air injection pump control defective
Code 6: Output for kickdown switch control defective

I thank you all in advance for your help and support thus far.

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