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1990 300e Blower/Fan problem (running only when car is OFF)

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Hi, I did not find an answer after searching for a bit, so I have to open a topic and hope somebody can give me at least a hint:

I own a 1990 300e and the blower fan ONLY works when the car is shut off, as soon as I start the car the fan stops running....

What might be the cause? Battery, the ghost in the machine or...:surrender:? A shortage I would exclude, because otherwise it would do it only sometimes, but it does it EVERY time...and with that I mean hundreds of times. Just that in the autumn and winter a working fan is necessary up here...(WA)

Thanks in advance for the help.... :bowdown:
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Sorry but obviously there was a little misunderstanding MacDrone...I have meant of course that the blower/fan ONLY runs when the ignition is in position 2. (Since that is also an issue because some may say its position 1: ONLY when the ignition lights are all on).

Thanks for your quick response though!
Exactly Augapfel, my english might be a bit der Sprache in der "Augapfel" etwas bedeutet waere das viel viel einfacher....:)

But I will go with the advice from CBC Atl., especially since he mentioned the voltage! I work currently too long to get the battery checked..and if its NOT the battery I am screwed I guess.
(BTW, fuse (fusible link) from the AC/heater is ok...)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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