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1989 300TE Wagon Problems with Reverse

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I'm new to this board. Recently purchased a 89 300TE wagon with 98,000 miles. Was fairly well maintained. Car drives beautifully in all foward gears and shifts properly. I have noticed an occasional problem when shifting into reverse. While the car intially goes into reverse without a problem, when I step on the gas the car will not pick up significant speed no matter how much I step on the accelerator-- and it makes a whining noise. It feels like it "sucking wind" for lack of a better term. Am I looking at a tranny problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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it gets into gear. just won't pick up appropriate speed no matter how much I accelerate
Reverse band in the transmission is bad.
what is the fix and cost?
Approx. $1000.
The tranny may have to be taken down it depends on the expertise of the mechanic. When you have it down you can do a complete rebuild which will be $2000+ or just fix the reverse clutches for a grand. Don't let them try and sell you a rebuild unit.
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