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Hello !

I am face-ing quite intresting problem because, a lot of old parts has been changed and sometimes it gets worse and then a little better.

I have changed

Fuel pump/Filter
All inlet manifold gaskets ´+ injector gaskets
Injectors, fuel pump relay, OVP -relay
Even the starter is new.
all the fuel has been flushed /changed
checked the cold start injector workings and is it spraying OK
cleaned the fuel distributor head / changed the o-rings.
of course the plugs are new and the cables has been measured.
the cranksaft sensor has been measured with ossiloscope even afterwards i changed it.
Spark module has been changed to a used one because the new was too expensive and first the car didnt want to start at all.
No fuel leaks. i dont know how to test the fuel pressure accumulator , could it make me that kind of trouble ?
or is there something else ?
Measured the temp sensors and so all looks to be in normal resistance range.

If someone have any good ideas i could use.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd recommend looking att he DIY information threads by H.D. here on the forum by using the search function. There is very detailed logical guidance there for testing etc.

Good luck and hope you get it sorted.

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Fuel Accumulator (sadly $180 or so) - This, when it goes bad, will cause hard starting. You loose the fuel pressure
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