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I really could use a bit of advice on this's the tale of woe,,,
A friend of mine owns the beast from hell I got into this by trying to be a good guy,,lol He had taken the car to a local indy because it quit running one day.
After replacing the fuel dist, the fuel pump the fuel accumulator, new plugs rotor cap,wires and dist cap the indy gave it back to my friend still NOT running with comment that they are not used to working on poorly maintained cars.
so now my friend is out a bunch of dough that he really could not afford (he's 71 living on SS) I felt sorry for him and offered to take a look at it even though it was a six cylinder and I was really not familiar with these,
The spark plug wires were miswired ,, I fixed that started right up after that
The EHA valve was leaking gas thru the top, I replaced that with a good used one that I had,
some vacuum lines were leaking I replaced those with new fittings
I swapped out the fuel relay with a "known"good
I replaced the blown OVP fuse
I changed the cold start valve with "known"good
Changed oil
When the car is cold it starts right now and doesn't stumble when the light turns green
however over once the engine gets to 80C it still starts well but when taking off it hesitates /stumbles until the rpms go from 700 to 1700-1800rpm then it catchs and runs great
I rechecked vacuum lines with starting fluid sprayed over / around vac lines to no avail, the vac gauge still shows at idle in park about 1/4 off the peg
when driving the vac needle will swing all the way to the left
but will move over to about a quarter of the way to the right when tranny is in neutral or park. Once the car shifts it runs good, Vacuum gauge will return to peg when I let off the gas pedal
its just the starting and stopping that is a issue (funny thing,,,my wife says the same thing ,,hmmm)
In any case all of these parts and labor have been a "gift" to my buddy.
buit I am kinda out of sorts with this and would like someone to say ,,if you do this,,,, it will fix it!!!! I am at the point of wondering if it is rust in the tank but am loath to tear into that ,but that's the direction I am headed
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