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I have owned the car for almost three years and it has never let me down. And I have thoroughly enjoyed driving the car as it drives like it is still new. The reason I am selling it is because I was a given a much newer car and I only have a need for one car. The exterior of the car is in good condition. The paint on the roof is a bit dull but all of the other panels are in a good condition except for a few dings and door dents from people not paying attention when opening their doors. There is a very small dent on the roof above the b-pillar on the passenger’s side. It was there when I bought the car and if you aren’t looking for it you will probably not even notice it. The paint in the dent is still good and not cracked. The bumpers are faded from being outside in the heat for 20 years but are still structurally in great shape. They have some scrapes from a prior owner not paying attention while driving in close quarters. I have never run into or hit anything with the car. In addition, the car has never been repainted or wrecked. The interior is also in good not great condition. The front seats are a bit faded but have no rips or tears and do not look worn at all. The backseat looks like it was never sat in and has only been used a couple of times in the almost 3 years that I have owned the car. The center armrest in the front is worn. Once again, not ripped or torn but it definitely looks 20 years old. The carpets have a few stains in the front and virtually none in the back. All of the buttons and gizmos work on the car. Car has an aftermarket CD player that works well with the power antenna. The dash and steering wheel are in good/great shape considering that the car has been stored outside I think for most of its life. Mechanically, the car has never let me down. It uses about ½ qt. every 1000 miles which I have read is not unusual for a car of this year and mileage. I have personally changed the oil on the car every time. The car had 99,000 miles on it when I bought it. The car runs cool in 110 Vegas traffic. The a/c is cold. Things that are new in the past 3 years:

-front brakes
-power antenna
-a/c compressor
-rearview mirror
-fuel pumps

Things that may need attention:

-gas gauge fluctuates. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
-middle vents do not work. Side, defroster, and backseat vents work fine.
-check engine light has been on from day one. I don’t know why but the car runs great and has passed all emissions tests in Las Vegas.
-windshield washers do not work. Wipers are fine, squirters don’t work. Never have since I have owned the car.
-2 heater hoses are disconnected. Have been since I have owned the car. Don’t know why. I never really needed the heater here in Las Vegas as the heated seats work great. But if you are in a colder climate you will probably need to fix this.
-key locks are a little funky and are sometimes hard to turn. I think they may be getting dried out in the Vegas weather.
-power steering leaks when it gets really hot out, like over 100. But under 100, it never leaks. I have no idea why.

If the car was in excellent condition with everything working it would be a $7000 car. If everything was fixed on this car, it would probably be a $6000 car. I realize that you may want to get some of the above items fixed, hence the price. I'll take $3500. I am not desperate to sell the car but I want to sell the car. Car is in Las Vegas. (702) 327-5048


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