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Mercedes Benz 300E 1988
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UPDATE----We are sure its the valve seals, which if you know what you are doing is a cheap fix.
First 1000 takes it!!!!!

The car body is in amazing shape, interior is amazing, all leather and power. Power moon roof, power window, etc. After market radio.
New tires, new blower motor, new gaskets and seals.New distributor cap and rotor. New thermostat. New spark plugs and wires. Oil changed always on time with Bosch oil filters.
Automatic trans, regular gasoline. New battery, and alternator, and serpentine belt.
Miles are 182XXX
Engine overheated so we took the head and got it re-machined
Put it all back together and it still wouldn't start, we believe timing is off and compression test reveals cylinders 3,4,6 are not getting enough.
It is 22 years old, so a paint job wouldn't hurt, but she still looks good.

Main reason we are trying to part with it is that I need a car to go to and from work and school this was that car, we don't have time to continue working on it.
We don't know a lot about Mercedes so we are lost. Great car and low price for such a beauty. Just needs some minor work and she is good to go, really reliable when running

Where we are: she rolls over and sounds like she wants to start but she just wont fire up. Not sure what else to try, could be super easy that we just aren't seeing it.
[For Sale] Price Drop!! 1988 Mercedes 300E For sale or trade obo.
pictures of the car are located in this forum. ^^

Call or text Adam at 989-533-8291
pictures upon request and more info upon request.


1986 300 SL Euro spec - Signal Red/Black Eng/Trans: Inline 6 (M103.982) / 722.322 Auto
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If you can, sell it in parts and you'll fetch a lot more than 1000.00.
Good luck.
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