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1986 300SDL
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So I recently bought a 1986 300SDL with a blown up transmission, none of the gears work. No forward and no reverse, got a good deal on the car and bought it as sort of a project.

I have just recently come across a 300TE parts car at a friend's place that said I could have the car for free.

My question is, will the 722.320 transmission out of the 300TE work in my 300SDL? The transmission in the SDL is 722.321 I believe.

I don't know if there is a difference between the gas and diesel transmissions now these cars?

Thanks in advance!

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The torque converter on the Diesel will have a lower stall speed and the governor will shift at different speeds. You may be able to swap those two parts, but someone more knowledgeable on these specific transmissions will know better than I.
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