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When this car was for sale a few years ago, the AMG invoice had no VIN number typed in. The invoice also looked like a copy or that the AMG logo was "pasted" onto the document. This probably was due to it being a photocopy.

Now we have posted what looks like the original AMG invoice but if you look at the VIN, it has clearly been added, either to the photo or to the invoice itself. The VIN is in focus where as all the other lettering on the invoice is not. The VIN's font is also smaller than the rest of the font used throughout the invoice.

I have seen these AMG invoices before. Westmont used them and they were add-ons to the original window sticker (if the converted car was purchased by Westmont)

Not sure of the sticker but the stepped cladding is very rare AMG...only have seen it on one other build that was done by Stratton's in the U.K...very unusual option...
Hard to see but it appears to have the small AMG emblem on the top of the cladding behind the front wheel arch...difficult to replicate this item..

Ed A.
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