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I had trouble starting my car a 2 weeks ago. Found 2 bad glow plugs. I the process the starter quit cranking the engine and just started to spin when i would turn the key over.

Got the car towed and replaced the starter and all the glow plugs. Tried to start a few times and it would crank and die (i did open the fuel lines to replace some o rings) After only 5 tries the new starter is spinning and not engaging the flex plate. Maybe broken flex plate teeth? Any easy way to turn the front crank by hand to move the flex plate?

Tested the old starter with jumper cables. It would spin fast but the gear would not spin. You could hear it spinning inside the main housing of starter.

Don't know if I got a bad starter or if something in the engine is causing the starter to break. I cant imagine how that is even possible
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