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1987 300D Original MSRP???

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Does anyone know what the original price was for an '87 300D??? Or any option packages that may have been available??
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If you go to and look up the current value of your car it gives the msrp when new, if I recall.
Contact mercedes, tell them you would like to have an original invoice to your vehicle. They will give you an address to send your request. You must also include with your request proof that you are the owner. Once they have this, they will send you the window sticker of your car. It will not be a full window sticker, although it will have all the vehicle info, it will be on a standard sheet of paper. Best thing about this, is that the service is free. I now have my vehicles info, and found back in 1983, my 300D cost a touch over $30,000.
Pretty cool for a free service.
Good Luck
Thanks to all who responded. I am about to purchase a meticuliously cared-for 300D with 218,000 miles. It is having a new timing chain, climate control, muffler, sunroof motor, and right rear window motor, new brakes and rotors, serpentine belt and tensioner, radiator repaced/installed. I drove it for about two weeks and closely monitored all fluids; it did not leak a drop of anything (I was shocked). The motor is original and has never been opened up. Are there any other parts I should inquire about prior to the final sale??
have all the fluids changed (Brake, Trans, Power Steering, rear end and Cooling) change all the filters (Air, fuel). Enjoy your car, diesel on!
My MSRP was closer to $39,900 than $39,000; bought in March 1987 for $34,500 (plus sales tax). It was a very strong engine, and would outrun many gas-engined cars.

BUT, a warning: I believe these engines are notorious for head gasket problems after about 100,000 miles. I don't think THAT was listed as being replaced in the earlier post. Also, the transmission will start leaking like a sieve after about 150K.

And I took EXCELLENT care of mine.

Also, it rusted faster than a 1972 Chevy Vega -- if I was remotely sane I never should have looked at another W124 (Diesel OR Gas). And I wouldn't touch a pre-1995 W124 Diesel if it was given to me for free.

HOWEVER: The OM606 (I think that's the designation) 6-cylinder non-turbo 1995 W124 Diesel is FANTASTIC -- absolutely no troubles with over 150K miles. Plus, it gets 31+ MPG at 85MPH with the A/C on -- I wish I could stockpile 2 or 3 of these for use over the next 30 years -- it's way-better than my 1984 300CD-Turbo ever was (collision-totalled at 260K miles).
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